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Los Hot Boxers are an American band from San Jose California formed by singer / guitarist Christian Vela. Recruiting friends to sit in on demo recordings, the band originally took form as Vela's bedroom project. Los Hot Boxers' songs are influenced by doo-wop, indie, rock and roll, jazz, latin and jamaican music.

Los Hot Boxers debut album
'Uno' was released in 2009 on iTunes and available at live shows or exclusively at Rudeness Records (Tokyo), Amoeba (San Francisco) and All Ages Records (London). 'Uno' is a handful of bedroom recordings featuring saxophonist Dave Hillyard of (The Slackers) and Kincaid Smith of (Hepcat) on trumpet.

'Viva Los Hot Boxers' is the forthcoming and second release by the band. This time Vela recruited 'Uno' alumni and (
Black Joe Lewis) drummer Eduardo Torres and Grammy Award recipient on bass, Greg Gonzalez (Grupo Fantasma and Brownout.) Recorded at Level One Sound recording studio in Austin Texas. Engineered and mixed by Adrian Quesada.

Christian Vela is a singer / guitarist from San Jose California. He has
played and toured in several Latin Ska Jazz Reggae Dub and Punk bands. He is also a Production Manager at SFJAZZ in San Francisco and founder of small boutique record label and production house Pinke Records.

'Viva Los Hot Boxers' out now on CD in our
online store. Available on iTunes. Stream it now on Spotify or iHeartRadio
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